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(via ‘Law & Order’ Cast Members Recap 25 Years of the Show…

(via ‘Law & Order’ Cast Members Recap 25 Years of the Show in 30 Seconds)

Deadpool vs Gangnam Style – YouTube Awesome Cover

Linus Torvalds: ‘NVIDIA is the worst we’ve ever dealt with’ (video)

Linus Torvalds ''NVIDIA is the worst we've ever dealt with'

Fresh from receiving technology prize plaudits, Linux creator Torvalds is still telling it how it is. In a recent Q&A session at Aalto University in Finland, he said that NVIDIA was “single worst company we’ve ever dealt with,” responding to an audience member’s question on her Optimus-powered laptop and its lack of Linux support. While she was finally able to get it working on her machine through some GitHub help, Torvalds was unequivocal about his thoughts on NVIDIA. Throwing in a middle-finger gesture to the camera, he was particularly irritated with the fact that the chipmaker’s own Tegra range were faring so well on the wave of Android devices currently hitting stores, as Google’s mobile OS itself came from a strong Linux background. Aside from hardware manufacturer gripes, Torvalds goes on to discuss his work with open source development in greater detail — the full talk is right after the break. You can jump through to the 49th minute mark to hear the Linux founder’s complaints, but be warned, family readership — he drops the f-bomb.

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Jack McBrayer & Triumph Visit Chicago’s Weiner’s Circle – CONAN on TBS – YouTube

This Is absolutely genius ..

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Best of Jay Pharoah on First Take – YouTube

Double Stephen A Smiths!

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Unabomber Updates Status in Harvard Alum Magazine – Yahoo! News

It’s Homecoming Week in Cambridge, Mass. Fifty years after leaving dear old Harvard, the distinguished members of the class of 1962 are renewing old ties.

In the Harvard alumni magazine, Alden writes he is retired from the bench, but still takes an occasional assignment as a Superior Court judge. Brian and his wife report they are working with inner-city kids when they’re not at their place in Normandy.

John has just come out with his latest collection of essays. And Ted has just started his 15th year at the federal supermax prison in Florence, Colo.

Ted, of course, is Theodore John Kaczynski, the notorious “Unabomber” who was sentenced in May 1998 to eight life sentences for killing three people and injuring 23 more in a campaign of terror that lasted nearly 20 years.

Kaczynski’s class note appears, in its proper alphabetical place, just ahead of Joseph Kadane’s. It was tweeted by a fellow Harvard alum, Alex Taussig, who calls it “morbidly amusing.”

Kaczynski, 70, lists his occupation as “Prisoner.” Those eight life sentences he puts under “Awards.” Under “Publications” he lists that infamous 50-page screed against the modern world, which The New York Times and The Washington Post agreed to print in exchange for Kaczynski’s promise to end his bombing campaign.

It was that “Manifesto” that led to his capture. Kaczynski’s brother recognized the writing style and alerted the feds.

Kaczynski is not the only former Harvard student to be locked up. Henry David Thoreau spent a night in the Concord, Mass., jail rather than pay the poll tax. Folk singer and political activist Pete Seeger was sentenced to a year in prison for refusing to name names before the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Not all Harvard’s prisoners can claim to be prisoners of conscience. Jeffrey Skilling (MBA, 1979) is serving 24 years in prison for his role in the collapse of Enron. Other Harvard alums have been imprisoned for embezzlement, insider trading, identity theft and murder.

Kaczynski’s slide from promise to prison might be the most extreme of all. An intellectual prodigy, he was accepted to Harvard when he was just 16. He earned a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Michigan and he was teaching at U.C.-Berkeley when he was just 25.

While the Harvard Class of ’62 can claim many accomplishments, Gary Peterson tells the Harvard Crimson, Kaczynski “is more famous than anyone else in our class.”

So while Ted will not be attending Wednesday night’s class dinner in the McCurdy Track Tent, he is certain to be a topic of conversation.

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Jay Pharoah does a awesome Stephen A Smith

this was absolutely hilarious. it had me in tears. all we need a skip bayless imitation.

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RIP MCA – YouTube

Tribute from coldplay..

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Smartypants: He’s been a socialist all along!

Mari0 Is The Free Game Where Mario Thinks With Portals

StabYourself has released Mari0 for free downloading in Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and even source code. Mari0 combines Super Mario Bros. and Portal, which is as awesome as it sounds. It includes all the original Mario levels plus puzzle maps meant to resemble Aperture Labs, complete with elements of Portal 2 like repulsion gel, light bridges, companion cubes, lasers, etc.

The free game also includes four-player co-op play mode, although you’ll likely need USB game controllers and direct human contact (scary) to play that mode, as the online multiplayer isn’t available yet. The game also comes with a level editor, map packs, 33 fancy hats to differentiate players, and other game modifiers.

If the game is lagging for you, turn the sound off in the options menu. Also, you’ll need a 2-button mouse (control-click doesn’t register as a right click by the current version of the game). Other than that, this is an absurdly awesome freebie StabYourself.net put together. I definitely won’t be burning their houses down with lemons.

I haven’t played it through all the way yet, but I made this .gif in anticipation of how it probably ends:

Here’s the ridiculously well-made trailer, a speed run video, and some one-player gameplay:

Awesome! will download

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