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Monthly Archives: August 2022

Twitter posts for 2022-08-30

RT @thekeelo_g: God, I love the @ShutdownFullcas community. 08:44:05, 2022-08-30 RT @BobbyBigWheel: RIP to the man who ended the Cold War about as well as anyone could 16:41:05, 2022-08-30 I see bill maher trending on twitter. just want to remind @HBO that they can replace Real Time with @GameTheoryHBO… 17:34:29, 2022-08-30

Twitter posts for 2022-08-29

@EmilyGorcenski the @ChairTrophy in reply to EmilyGorcenski 11:32:50, 2022-08-29 RT @Zim303Rebecca: Dude in a banana costume on 5am flight from Denver to St. Louis. ??????????? 12:59:50, 2022-08-29 RT @AngryTaiwanman: I love election season in Taiwan. 13:00:49, 2022-08-29 @edsbs go to Chinese restaurant order? in reply to edsbs 18:00:14, 2022-08-29

Twitter posts for 2022-08-28

RT @Buster_ESPN: NL playoff chances, per Fangraphs: Dodgers 100% Mets 100% Braves 100% Cardinals 96.2% Phillies 91.7% Padres 72.7%… 08:27:19, 2022-08-28 RT @mhar4: On the politics and knowledge of Taiwan in the US system. @SpeakerPelosi visiting the National Human Rights Museum… 15:28:30, 2022-08-28 RT @franklinleonard: Back in my day, someone named Murda Beatz […]

Twitter posts for 2022-08-27

RT @BigSkyConf: Nah we good 18:28:12, 2022-08-27

Twitter posts for 2022-08-26

RT @DougJBalloon: Today is the day that Donald Trump truly became president 23:19:23, 2022-08-26 @Lons how much of his personality defect is caused by not being at peace with being short.. in reply to Lons 23:23:54, 2022-08-26

Twitter posts for 2022-08-25

RT @wilfredchan: I wrote about Sanas, a new AI that changes Filipino and Indian call center workers’ accents to American accents in… 07:13:24, 2022-08-25 RT @debatable: Durant reportedly wanted the duo of Steve Nash & GM Sean Marks gone. Spencer: KD not getting everything he wants… 13:00:48, 2022-08-25 RT @JuliusGoat: Ben Shapiro speaking […]

Twitter posts for 2022-08-24

RT @POTUS: In keeping with my campaign promise, my Administration is announcing a plan to give working and middle class famili… 12:23:47, 2022-08-24

Twitter posts for 2022-08-23

RT @CelebJeopardy: Your favorite quiz show has achieved celebrity status! ?? Get ready to see some familiar faces in the very first se… 16:41:30, 2022-08-23 yikes 16:49:00, 2022-08-23 RT @RikerGoogling: kobayashi maru walkthrough 19:06:14, 2022-08-23 RT @TheRoot: Konnor McClain Wins 2022 U.S. Gymnastics Championships As Black Women Sweep the Podium 20:35:31, […]

Twitter posts for 2022-08-22

JFC 10:07:14, 2022-08-22 RT @nymetrowx: OKX issues Flash Flood Warning [flash flood: radar indicated] for Bergen [NJ] till Aug 22, 2:15 PM EDT… 14:15:15, 2022-08-22

Twitter posts for 2022-08-21

RT @Lons: WATCH THESE SHOWS OR GROVER IS FIRED. 20:13:24, 2022-08-21