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Bush and Evolution

After reading about President Bush’s endorsement of teaching of creationism,I am really angry about it. It is something i can’t help but obsess and be mad about. I am just angry that this president is allowing junk non science to be endorsed in education. this does not help the country in any way . first of all “intelligent design” is not valid theory. It lacks geniune lack of proven facts , evidence, and reproducable experiments. Evolution has used various fossil records and biology to back up its claim. i can go on and on about how evolution is based on real facts and science. it is just that the implications of teaching intelligent design that scares me. It has to do with the future this country’s future.

One of the major growing industry is Bioinformatics. I fear that misrepresentation evolution is going hurt this industry. Many young people will get the wrong idea of what science is. It may lead to a diminshing number of qualified scientists in this field of study / industry… i am probably just babling too much ….

Filed by Alex at August 4th, 2005 under Politics, Science