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appeasement bullshit

Chris Matthews had 2 guests on hardball. which you can see here. Republicans are trying to equate talking negotiating with appeasement. i just think that is pretty much bullshit. during the cold war, we talked / negotiated with USSR . So.. are the Republicans calling Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon , Ford, Carter, Reagan , Geo. […]

hillary must quit NOW!

Hillary must quit now. for the sake of the party and of the country she must stop her campaign.  by all calculations, it virtually impossible for her to catch up in delegate count with barack obama.  according to chuck todd of msnbc, she needs to win 64% of the rest popular votes of all the […]

latest bin laden video… made me think of this….

Ok, i just saw some of the images of the latest bin laden video. during his hiatus , i have a feeling he has been watching a lot of msg / sportsnetny . He got lured in by those “rejected” commericals good old keith hernandez , walt frazeir commercials. may be he is a knick […]

“no end in sight” … a great movie to see

This morning i saw this posting on andrew sullivan’s blog. the trailer made me want to see the documentary. so i went to film forum to see it. it is a movie that is amazing. it totally dissects a lot of what happened after the invasion. it is a scary narrative. the mood of the […]

obama “inexperience”

just want to say he may be inexperienced.. but in 2002 he his hypothesis about the war and the aftermath was correct. hillary was just plain wrong about it.

quote of the day

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” -sinclair lewis

Spitzer campaigns in Flushing

This morning, I saw Eliot Spitzer campaign for governor outside the Flushing Main Street 7 station. He wasn’t as tall as i thought he was. I got to learn how to keep my camera phone steady…

arab hypocracy

Here are series of cartoons that show offensive images of isreal and the United States. you can see it here

mao diggs lesbians

heck chairman mao diggs lesbians! take a look here.

Hey Bill O’reilly,

bill o’reilly… Happy holidays! , i hope i make it on to your list of people that is anti christmas….