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Category Archives: musings

latest bin laden video… made me think of this….

Ok, i just saw some of the images of the latest bin laden video. during his hiatus , i have a feeling he has been watching a lot of msg / sportsnetny . He got lured in by those “rejected” commericals good old keith hernandez , walt frazeir commercials. may be he is a knick […]

decentralized social networking websites

Obviously there is a lot of social networking websites out there.. it is all very walled garden like .  though facebook has started to open things up a bit.  i have been thinking there has to be a better way of sharing all “friend” information between them in a decentralized way. i am not sure […]

thinking about work

Currently, I work at Pratt Institute. I am right now creating a new cms system for their new website . It is essentially be a basic cms system for multiple users. Only added wrinkle is that I adding a editing feature . This is all nice and cool. However, when this project is done I […]