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Twitter posts for 2023-03-05

RT @KaiMThaler: A couple weeks on, but my thoughts @lawfareblog on why Nicaraguan gov decided to release political prisoners, the B… 12:46:43, 2023-03-05 RT @BoxLoner: new video! the worst takes on the ukraine war, 2022 16:28:48, 2023-03-05 RT @Phil_Lewis_: Facebook and Google are handing over user data to help police prosecute abortion seekers […]

Twitter posts for 2023-03-03

RT @CNNPolitics: An appointee to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' new Disney oversight board has a history of making derogatory remarks ab… 15:09:52, 2023-03-03

Twitter posts for 2023-03-02

RT @edsbs: just had an IT person say "are you on Microsoft Edge" as a first option and I almost asked him if he was drunk 19:42:25, 2023-03-02 Florida is becoming mini china 21:04:53, 2023-03-02 RT @LeBatardShow: “He knows everybody in the locker room…from the janitors all the way up to the head man.” […]

Twitter posts for 2023-03-01

RT @GeographyNow: Alright, I asked you guys and here are some of the top weirdest mascots across the world that you guys suggested.… 21:07:57, 2023-03-01 RT @prof_gabriele: this is Soviet-era shit 21:19:25, 2023-03-01

Twitter posts for 2023-02-28

RT @NicoleAuerbach: I spent last Thursday with the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions, as its members talked & thought about why they do i… 09:46:33, 2023-02-28 RT @CapehartJ: "This fantasy of Black Americans somehow being a privileged class is hallucinatory — and hilarious, at least to Bla… 09:54:40, 2023-02-28 RT @NoLieWithBTC: A Republican in […]

Twitter posts for 2023-02-27

Watch the whole thing 14:59:39, 2023-02-27 RT @theserfstv: This is what it's always been about. It has nothing to do with protecting children or women's sports. The right… 15:00:21, 2023-02-27 I saw the tweet from… someone Twitter using Asians in Highee Education as a means of hiding his racism. it pisse… […]

Twitter posts for 2023-02-26

RT @FivePointsVids: I used to be a baseball “purist” but I LIKE: – inter-league play – extra inning ghost runner – universal DH – the… 14:42:45, 2023-02-26

Twitter posts for 2023-02-25

RT @theage: Beijing’s 12-point plan for peace is out. On the other hand, NATO warns it has seen signs that Beijing is consideri… 11:18:08, 2023-02-25 RT @fash_tankie: The US is the only special place in the world where you can have idiots believing that there are no videos of war f… 12:41:33, 2023-02-25 […]

Twitter posts for 2023-02-24

@nhannahjones agree story is a lie in reply to nhannahjones 10:30:25, 2023-02-24 RT @MattBrownEP: It may not happen this year, but eventually, Florida's political meddling in their universities is going to become… 10:36:35, 2023-02-24 RT @captgouda24: People have fewer discriminatory feelings against overweight Asian Americans, because they see them as “real Americ… 10:47:35, […]

Twitter posts for 2023-02-23

RT @reneeygraham: These are deliberate policy failures masquerading as a feel-good story. 13:10:28, 2023-02-23