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Twitter posts for 2022-12-03

@ourobororoboruo @ShanaVWhite Same here in reply to ourobororoboruo 19:33:02, 2022-12-03

Twitter posts for 2022-12-02

RT @trcterp: @MsPackyetti Exactly. Sowing division between Black people and Jewish people is LITERALLY part of every White supre… 20:26:26, 2022-12-02 RT @Yair_Rosenberg: In conclusion: Learn about Jews from Jews themselves, not the paranoid fantasies of those who hate them. Here's a s… 20:36:10, 2022-12-02 RT @oneunderscore__: What Elon Musk’s Twitter files have […]

Twitter posts for 2022-12-01

@DanRubenstein favorite spread on a bagel? in reply to DanRubenstein 10:39:36, 2022-12-01 RT @TheGurglingCod: It is kind of too bad that the conscience of college football media is pretty much these two little ole podcasts, b… 11:52:59, 2022-12-01 RT @RepSwalwell: For 2 months Jim Jordan refused to delete this tweet. Even after Kanye declared […]

Twitter posts for 2022-11-30

RT @alex_segura: Please consider helping legendary comic book writer Peter David: 09:43:00, 2022-11-30 Please give to this fundraiser. He is the legendary comic book writer. He had one of the greatest runs on Incredibl… 09:49:26, 2022-11-30 RT @NormOrnstein: Harry and Meghan went through Hell, and the Royal Family did nothing– except remove their […]

Twitter posts for 2022-11-28

RT @stoutyhk: It feels like there’s something missing from the SCMP front page 13:08:49, 2022-11-28 this is still a relevant podcast episode. 16:16:10, 2022-11-28 RT @BurnerLJohnson: Auburn went from a Cadillac to an Escort. 17:34:49, 2022-11-28 RT @georgejoseph94: NEW: The Brooklyn Democratic Party appointed **at least 10** residents from Little Pakistan to critical […]

Twitter posts for 2022-11-27

RT @RachelSilby: Immigrants don't drive crime rates, study of Schenectady's Guyanese finds via @TimesUnion 15:03:14, 2022-11-27 I see the protests in China..I hope there are positive changes. I doubt the government will do anything other than repression. 16:29:20, 2022-11-27 RT @ScottHech: It’s really mind-blowing seeing the @nytimes—one of the chief purveyors of false/misleading “doomsday […]

Twitter posts for 2022-11-24

RT @RJ_Writes: Biff Poggi became the 1st coach hired this cycle at Charlotte. He told me he can help tap into one of the country's… 00:18:26, 2022-11-24 Great story about John Candy was a good guy. 20:54:18, 2022-11-24 RT @WilliamYang120: "Most #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang have not returned to mosques that Chinese authorities have […]

Twitter posts for 2022-11-23

RT @MattBerry05: Just watched David Chang make turkey gravy in six minutes in the microwave on TikTok and it was like stumbling onto God’s cheat sheet 00:01:26, 2022-11-23 RT @SilvermanJacob: This 2021 video is notorious on crypto twitter and deserves wider viewership. Watch VCs David Sacks and Chamath Pal… 01:20:43, 2022-11-23 fox news aiding […]

Twitter posts for 2022-11-22

@SeanRossSapp Payments to a mistress in reply to SeanRossSapp 11:06:57, 2022-11-22

Twitter posts for 2022-11-21

I just want to remind everyone that Joe Rogan promoted that transphobe libsoftiktok Twitter account. 10:46:39, 2022-11-21 RT @MattGertz: Twitter is to Musk as Fox was to Trump: a way to get unfiltered advice from sycophants. 11:06:05, 2022-11-21 RT @opinonhaver: I think a lot of cancel culture discourse is driven by elite-ish conservatives who dislike […]