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Twitter posts for 2023-02-22

RT @Pinko69420: 21:22:33, 2023-02-22

Twitter posts for 2023-02-19

RT @AmiTheRobot: Yearly reminder during black history month that Jerry Lawson is the inventor of video game cartridges for the "Chan… 09:36:28, 2023-02-19 RT @ajc: Former President Jimmy Carter received an outpouring of love Saturday from around the nation after an announcement… 10:31:51, 2023-02-19 RT @DSzymborski: My Saturday fun project: using AI, every […]

Twitter posts for 2023-02-17

RT @GoldbergHart: No. 11:45:10, 2023-02-17

Twitter posts for 2023-02-16

he is correct on this 13:10:39, 2023-02-16 RT @VaushV: REPUBLICANS: "School shootings aren't a gun problem, they're a mental health problem." EVERYONE ELSE: "Okay so wha… 19:36:11, 2023-02-16 RT @TheEnemiesPE3: Goldberg proves everyday that Bret Hart is right about him 19:51:20, 2023-02-16 Amazing but sad history. 23:04:58, 2023-02-16

Twitter posts for 2023-02-15

RT @thesarahkelly: Hey Sports Illustrated just laid me off so I guess if anyone’s looking for an editor I’m newly available. 13:52:16, 2023-02-15 RT @jendeben: NEWS: President Biden is planning to host South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol for a state dinner this spring. Timi… 21:16:00, 2023-02-15 RT @Reflog_18: The legend Chris Farley would […]

Twitter posts for 2023-02-14

RT @jemelehill: I have this tweet saved in my phone because I’ll sadly always have a reason to reuse it. 12:21:28, 2023-02-14

Twitter posts for 2023-02-13

RT @SickosCommittee: REMEMBER – football is only over if you want it to be. We got XFL in a few days, the Italian Football League coming… 00:19:46, 2023-02-13 RT @coffeebreak_YT: Deepfake scams are here, and we’re not ready. 07:28:30, 2023-02-13 RT @Yair_Rosenberg: 100,000 Israelis demonstrated today in Jerusalem against the Netanyahu government's attempt […]

Twitter posts for 2023-02-12

RT @radleybalko: The only proper way to celebrate America is to sing a song about a battle from which US troops retreated, written b… 20:39:55, 2023-02-12

Twitter posts for 2023-02-11

I kinda remember this 00:25:54, 2023-02-11

Twitter posts for 2023-02-10

RT @NoContextTrek: 13:53:19, 2023-02-10 RT @thecomputerclan: Oohhh, now I C 20:23:20, 2023-02-10 RT @CraigWeekend: 20:43:23, 2023-02-10