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Natalie Portman Rapper!

Just saw SNL Skit with Natalie Portman doing her rap thing like lazy sunday. Funny, I just hope they don’t over do this type of skit. it will kill SNL’s Heat… Anyway.. Laugh away. Here is the Link.

Ain’t no big deal….

The announcement with and mpaa isn’t really a big deal. it might prevent the occasional downloader but it won’t stop the majority downloaders. I think most ppl wil just ask closest nerd around them where they can get free movies.

R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero

Yesterday, I read the news that one of my favorite pro-wrestling peformers , Eddie, Guerrero, died. Eddie Guerrero was one of my favorite wrestlers to watch. He was so talented in the ring and a peformer. In his personal life, he had some difficulties with drugs and alcohol. He was able to find help and […]

just a bad idea

Defamer is there is a daredevil 2. i am big fan of daredevil comics…. i don’t want it to happen.