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Getting virtualized python , django, and mysql working on OS X snow leopard

Yesterday, I was able to  to get django, installed with mysql support.  I used several websites to get it working right. 1) i installed mysql (64bit) from the official builds on 2) i installed virtualenv from setuptools. I typed the following: $ sudo easy_install virtualenv 3)  I created directory for my virtual environment for […]

Namespaces in action – Stubblog

Namespaces in action – Stubblog This is cool .. seems like there is a patch for namespaces for php5. so it seems that namespace might come with php 6? if it comes sooner then it would be much more cooler.

decentralized social networking websites

Obviously there is a lot of social networking websites out there.. it is all very walled garden like .  though facebook has started to open things up a bit.  i have been thinking there has to be a better way of sharing all “friend” information between them in a decentralized way. i am not sure […]

GRL demo

I went to a lecture / demo of the graphitti research lab. It Pratt Institute’s DAL and DDA . It was really cool. I took some pics on my cell phone of the demo .

finally some free time

for the past few months, I have been doing a lot of work. I was trying to write a custom CMS for Pratt Institute website.  It was quite the expericene. i learned a lot … of course there were mistakes made.. i think might just do some post postmortem on the whole project.

steps to lisp(the language)

I saw a interesting post on planet rubyonrails . Lucas Carlson how he went from PHP to Ruby to  Lisp .  I always regretted not learning Lisp as a undergrad. I want to learn it because it might actually improve my programming abilities.

Web Clipboard

I just saw the demo of web clipboard system from Ray Ozzie. His blog post explains concept very well. The concept of sharing structured data between web pages and apps . The concept is so simple, I thought it would have been developed sooner. the screencast are cool. i wonder if there will be ports […]

thinking about work

Currently, I work at Pratt Institute. I am right now creating a new cms system for their new website . It is essentially be a basic cms system for multiple users. Only added wrinkle is that I adding a editing feature . This is all nice and cool. However, when this project is done I […]

it would suck….

it would suck if this would happen if the rumors are true . I don’t want Oracle to be in control of Zend .  it would make the future of php very  very cloudy. ..

SVG+ Javascript + firefox = cool

Past few days, I have been using Mozilla 1.5. I have to say that there is a lot improvements in the browser. The one thing i was looking forward to was SVG. It seems there is a chance svg + javascripting may become a light weight alternative flash.. however, the the pc cpu usage with […]