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Monthly Archives: September 2021

Twitter posts for 2021-09-29 21:07:15, 2021-09-29

Twitter posts for 2021-09-28

RT @WolfEnt: #LawAndOrder returns. Season 21 is coming to @nbc. Find out more information here: 20:35:52, 2021-09-28 so law and order is coming back.. this should be the theme.. #LawAndOrder 20:37:08, 2021-09-28 RT @tntdrama: We celebrate the culture and heritage of our Hispanic @AEW wrestlers and fans this month and beyond on […]

Twitter posts for 2021-09-27

RT @kenjeong: Whatever you need, 💙💙 #GoDuke 08:59:26, 2021-09-27 RT @conspirator0: I was today years old when I learned that an actual police union named itself "SPAM". 13:38:04, 2021-09-27 RT @jemelehill: This is who the NBA should get to talk to those player who remain unvaccinated. KAT has been through hell. Really w… […]

Twitter posts for 2021-09-26

RT @MollyJongFast: Aged like a fine whine 15:54:09, 2021-09-26

Twitter posts for 2021-09-25

RT @metpoliceuk: Sabina Nessa Murder – New CCTV footage released 📽️ Can you identify this man? ❗️ Any information could be vital… 14:43:05, 2021-09-25 RT @bubbaprog: Happy **fifth** anniversary to this important sports moment. 14:43:34, 2021-09-25 Totally excited for this via @YouTube 14:59:00, 2021-09-25 RT @tariqnasheed: Isn't it interesting how the dominant […]

Twitter posts for 2021-09-22

this is so good 13:30:50, 2021-09-22 RT @edsbs: Going to spend the day watching a 12 year old roast the Jets on TikTok 13:32:21, 2021-09-22 @MileHighBrendan totally agree in reply to MileHighBrendan 13:42:38, 2021-09-22 RT @AOC: Utterly shameful. 21:17:38, 2021-09-22

Twitter posts for 2021-09-21

RT @rawrlaw: #GabbyPepito has been found. Let's concentrate on finding this young girl. #FindRaven 09:43:09, 2021-09-21

Twitter posts for 2021-09-20

RT @profmusgrave: A lot of folks assumed that having an adult in charge of the room would fix everything. The institutions are broken… 09:27:19, 2021-09-20 RT @avinashkunnath: Congrats to the Pac-12 on signing Allegiant as their official air carrier. Allegiant does not have flights to Sal… 14:32:06, 2021-09-20

Twitter posts for 2021-09-18

RT @TampaBayTre: Interception of the year. It’s over. Shut down the polls. #CFB 15:23:09, 2021-09-18 RT @RedditCFB: Stony Brook is keeping pace with Ohio State, who trailed Oregon 14-7 at half. 21:36:55, 2021-09-18 RT @RedditCFB: This is the greatest -4 yard return you will ever see in your life. 21:58:38, 2021-09-18

Twitter posts for 2021-09-17

RT @ourobororoboruo: Them: Asian American respectability politics are useless Me: YES Them: US condemnation of CCP crackdown in Hong Kon… 23:44:55, 2021-09-17 @ourobororoboruo Tankies are the worst in reply to ourobororoboruo 23:45:50, 2021-09-17 RT @ourobororoboruo: Sometimes I look at so-called radical anti-imperialist accounts on here who support Palestine, yell at anti-Blackne… 23:48:15, 2021-09-17