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Monthly Archives: February 2022

Twitter posts for 2022-02-12

RT @fash_tankie: Ukrainians protesting against Russia? Must be CIA agents. 15:23:04, 2022-02-12 RT @nymetrowx: Update: Snow expected in NYC late tonight, with light accumulations possible (especially on colder surfaces) throug… 16:12:51, 2022-02-12

Twitter posts for 2022-02-11

RT @DougJBalloon: Grading Trump’s document-flushing performance: Style F Substance D Overall A+ 19:30:53, 2022-02-11 RT @CraigWeekend: 21:03:54, 2022-02-11

Twitter posts for 2022-02-10

he was like this 2012. 17:04:05, 2022-02-10

Twitter posts for 2022-02-09

same 18:16:55, 2022-02-09

Twitter posts for 2022-02-08

RT @RJ_Writes: Sometimes we complicate the issue of hiring diversity in football a little too much. No matter how much we fill the… 11:19:36, 2022-02-08 Many trade experts said Trump's trade war with China would harm, not help, the US economy.… 19:01:52, 2022-02-08

Twitter posts for 2022-02-07

RT @Lesdoggg: just want to leave this right here. Hmmmmm… 20:09:06, 2022-02-07 pseudocode 20:14:10, 2022-02-07 @saam_codes pseudocode in reply to saam_codes 20:14:25, 2022-02-07 RT @peoplefor: "When you see lines of Black people waiting hours and hours to vote, you can largely thank John Roberts for these s… 20:49:56, 2022-02-07

Twitter posts for 2022-02-06

RT @SaraPalpatine: @HamillHimself with his space dads 00:34:33, 2022-02-06

Twitter posts for 2022-02-05

RT @CWilliamson44: My commentary on Brian Flores & systemic racism in the NFL: Owners love Black bodies brutally beating each other o… 14:28:19, 2022-02-05

Twitter posts for 2022-02-04

RT @TishaESPN: Tiffani Johnston, the former marketing and events coordinator at the Washington Commanders, told Congress about an… 00:28:48, 2022-02-04 RT @fash_tankie: In 1936 Nazi authorities allowed Helene Mayer, a jew, to participate to the Olympic Games to show that Nazi Germany… 19:18:50, 2022-02-04 RT @fash_tankie: As Helene Mayer in Nazi Germany 80 […]

Twitter posts for 2022-02-03

Wordle 229 2/6 ??????????? ???????????????????? 22:16:41, 2022-02-03 RT @ABC7NY: Police are asking for the public's help in locating Rubin Marmolejos who's been missing for over 24 hours. Rubin's… 22:48:52, 2022-02-03