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Monthly Archives: June 2022

Twitter posts for 2022-06-29

Wordle 375 6/6 ????? ???????? ??????????? ?????????????? ?????????????? ???????????????????? 15:04:47, 2022-06-29 RT @AtticusGF: we have the first woman vp in history right now. send her out with warren and aoc and let her channel that anger. t… 15:54:53, 2022-06-29

Twitter posts for 2022-06-28

RT @MuellerSheWrote: It’s cheaper for @MorganStanley to pay for a few abortions out of state than it is for them to stop donating to rep… 12:15:05, 2022-06-28 RT @HollyAnderson: idk, he's gotta be used to seeing a defense fall apart on national television right 14:26:49, 2022-06-28 @MileHighBrendan @nytimes I fear that some in […]

Twitter posts for 2022-06-27

Who Can Actually Get Rid Of Dan Snyder? 07:03:15, 2022-06-27 Anti-Abortion Centers Find Pregnant Teens Online, Then Save Their Data 11:03:21, 2022-06-27 Wordle 373 3/6 ??????????? ?????????????? ???????????????????? 15:43:28, 2022-06-27 it will take 40 years to reverse several of the supreme court decisions of this term. 18:15:14, 2022-06-27

Twitter posts for 2022-06-26

RT @TheDragonFeeder: Actually to protect & serve? Or to further control? Makes me wonder… #humanrights Chinese authorities unveils… 06:33:17, 2022-06-26 RT @megangailey: Support reproductive health for black women in TX: 09:51:19, 2022-06-26 RT @migueldeicaza: Microsoft donated to a ton of unsavory Republican candidates, including election deniers, right restrictors, suprem… 09:56:36, 2022-06-26 RT […]

Twitter posts for 2022-06-25

RT @Jehannamama: @DemocraticDaisy @bjpluslj @SamuelLJackson 09:05:24, 2022-06-25 RT @brianbeutler: Beutlerpill’d. You love to see it. 11:49:33, 2022-06-25 RT @brianbeutler: Pelosi is also on board, btw. I think we’re approaching critical mass. 11:49:36, 2022-06-25 RT @brianbeutler: Forgive me an indulgent thread. This line of work can be very frustrating, when you’re […]

Twitter posts for 2022-06-24

RT @ElieNYC: Here's the holding: "The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the au… 10:15:03, 2022-06-24 10:18:12, 2022-06-24 RT @darth: all those fucks who bleated that this was not a harbinger of further attacks on rights and accused people of overr… 10:28:16, 2022-06-24 RT […]

Twitter posts for 2022-06-22

@EliGundry sorry to hear in reply to EliGundry 08:21:11, 2022-06-22

Twitter posts for 2022-06-21

@Sifill_LDF sad and angry. in reply to Sifill_LDF 15:24:13, 2022-06-21 RT @TiffanyDCross: This is what they've always done to us. In American history, this is not the anomaly. It's the norm.… 15:45:21, 2022-06-21 RT @MattOswaltVA: Charles Manson never actually murdered anyone. He simply sent out his dim-witted cult followers to get revenge on a… […]

Twitter posts for 2022-06-20

found some old high school stuff . @ Forest Hills 12:35:03, 2022-06-20 Shelton Benjamin 15:21:14, 2022-06-20 RT @arlenparsa: The left has an alt-history problem that is actually pretty concerning. The US worked *in concert with the Soviets… 16:45:14, 2022-06-20 why i don't like some leftists.. 16:47:14, 2022-06-20 RT @crusadxr_: I am […]

Twitter posts for 2022-06-19

RT @ThatElJefe: Happy Fathers Day @HerschelWalker and @NickCannon you’ve been real busy 11:21:07, 2022-06-19 RT @NYGov: This #Juneteenth, we remember the day enslaved Black Americans in Texas finally learned of their emancipation.  To… 20:54:30, 2022-06-19