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Monthly Archives: September 2022

Twitter posts for 2022-09-29

this could be interesting 15:10:57, 2022-09-29 RT @WUTangKids: Since it’s Thursday let’s do a throwback to 2017 when Ted Koppel told Sean Hannity that he’s bad for America to his… 16:01:08, 2022-09-29 ted koppel telling the truth 16:01:41, 2022-09-29 RT @nocontextcfb: 16:55:03, 2022-09-29

Twitter posts for 2022-09-28

not surprised tbh. he is that awful 09:08:30, 2022-09-28

Twitter posts for 2022-09-27

Wordle 465 4/6 ????? ??????????? ??????????? ???????????????????? 15:31:12, 2022-09-27 18:50:11, 2022-09-27 yes please 19:57:52, 2022-09-27 RT @MoiraDonegan: “You oppose both forced hijab in Iran and the hijab ban in France!” Yes. Forced covering and forced exposure are ju… 20:15:35, 2022-09-27 RT @RonFilipkowski: Jeffery Moore, appointed by Desantis as County Commissioner in […]

Twitter posts for 2022-09-26

RT @ScotlandGreen: During a match between Ricky Steamboat and Vader, the WCW Saturday Night crowd begins to chant "WHOOMP! THERE IT IS… 10:10:25, 2022-09-26 RT @LeBatardShow: “The coverage on this was wrong.” – Dan and the crew discuss some of the irresponsible reporting surrounding Ime… 11:10:29, 2022-09-26 RT @TheRickWilson: It’s looking like Ian […]

Twitter posts for 2022-09-25

@xtremepentest redhat 6.2 in reply to xtremepentest 17:49:19, 2022-09-25 RT @mjharmon: @xtremepentest No, I but I'm glad it was there for you to start your GNU/Linux journey. 17:50:03, 2022-09-25 RT @3vanSutton: Let's rewrite this without the passive voice! Three police officers and two paramedics killed Elijah McClain, a y… 19:42:20, 2022-09-25 RT @short_tymer: […]

Twitter posts for 2022-09-24

RT @EmpressThaliaa: Left Twitter guide to a protest 09:10:24, 2022-09-24 RT @RGIII: If you are more upset about Ime Udoka and the Celtics situation than Brett Favre STEALING MILLIONS IN WELFARE MONEY… 15:23:33, 2022-09-24 RT @Newsweek: Unsubstantiated claims spread on social media that the Chinese president is under house arrest, although the report… […]

Twitter posts for 2022-09-23

RT @LeBatardShow: “Brett Favre was offering the governor stock in the company in exchange for his help…he agreed.” – @ayewolfe goes i… 09:39:16, 2022-09-23 RT @FieldYates: Seeing Rafa cry after Roger’s final match of his career. Just wow. The respect every player – even his most inten… 20:17:24, 2022-09-23

Twitter posts for 2022-09-22

RT @SageRosenfels18: Since retirement, I have been lucky to avoid stealing millions of dollars from the poorest people in my state. 10:12:40, 2022-09-22 RT @DarthPutinKGB: There'll be more attrocities discovered so here's the tankie guide: 1 It never happened. 2 They were Nazis so deser… 10:58:21, 2022-09-22 Wordle 460 4/6 ??????????? ????????????????? ????????????????? ???????????????????? […]

Twitter posts for 2022-09-21

RT @WilliamYang120: Years of persecution have forced dozens of Chinese Christians to flee #China in pursuit of refuge abroad. However,… 08:03:22, 2022-09-21 RT @HeerJeet: So, a newspaper chain called Lee Enterprises is radically reducing its column and comics coverage, cancelling many… 08:42:39, 2022-09-21 RT @ravensdojo: GET FUCKED DILBERT 08:42:46, 2022-09-21 RT @EarthWindFire: […]

Twitter posts for 2022-09-20

YES?? 09:47:39, 2022-09-20 RT @thejasonkirk: Embracing honesty 10:47:15, 2022-09-20 I am really happy they reopened. 11:58:39, 2022-09-20 RT @edsbs: Deeply unprepared for the turn here 17:38:51, 2022-09-20