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Monthly Archives: October 2022

Twitter posts for 2022-10-30

RT @mikeyil: The rest of the country will never understand the enduring spirit of Philadelphia 14:03:59, 2022-10-30 RT @EdgeofSports: Flying over the Eagles game today…. 14:04:17, 2022-10-30 RT @ABC7NY: #BreakingNews Death toll rises to at least 60 after bridge in India collapses 14:08:36, 2022-10-30 RT @yuanyi_z: The ProPublica thing on the Wuhan […]

Twitter posts for 2022-10-29

RT @Esqueer_: CRIME IS UP! Oh, wait. It's really not when you put it in context. The entire narrative is designed to stoke fear a… 15:47:20, 2022-10-29 RT @Esqueer_: Media mentions versus the number of shootings. This is all artificially constructed fearmongering by the media. Whe… 15:47:51, 2022-10-29

Twitter posts for 2022-10-28

RT @Variety: Jerry Lee Lewis, Rock Pioneer and ‘Great Balls of Fire’ Singer, Dies at 87 13:49:03, 2022-10-28 RT @LukeRussert: In the last 5 yrs, House Majority Whip was shot at a baseball practice & almost bled out. A POTUS told an armed dom… 16:10:01, 2022-10-28

Twitter posts for 2022-10-27

Wordle 495 2/6 ?????????????? ???????????????????? 09:37:18, 2022-10-27 RT @Yair_Rosenberg: The idea that Jews or Jewish actions are the reason non-Jews persecute Jews is itself the essence of antisemitism.… 10:08:00, 2022-10-27 RT @DougJBalloon: One of these kids is doing his own thing. 11:03:56, 2022-10-27

Twitter posts for 2022-10-26

RT @edroso: 10:47:41, 2022-10-26 RT @rhizome: NYC: Nov 14 Rhizome will host the book launch for @mindyseu's Cyberfeminism Index at @newmuseum! Panelists include:… 15:06:28, 2022-10-26 RT @HollyAnderson: it's pretty neat how corporate media has branched into armchair aphasia explainers, kinda like that one year everyb… 20:13:54, 2022-10-26 RT @DougJBalloon: Opinion | As […]

Twitter posts for 2022-10-25

RT @DanWilbur: I’m sorry The New York Post made you scared of the subway, but a vote for Lee Zeldin is a vote to require funerals… 21:09:20, 2022-10-25 RT @etammykim: The incomparable Mike Davis leaves us. RIP. 21:48:12, 2022-10-25

Twitter posts for 2022-10-21

RT @tomcolicchio: 06:35:14, 2022-10-21 RT @DougJBalloon: Opinion | Yes, Brexit has destroyed my nation's economy. But at least there's now a chance that in ten years the p… 13:11:08, 2022-10-21 RT @NoContextBrits: He gets my vote. 14:45:11, 2022-10-21

Twitter posts for 2022-10-20

RT @SplitZoneDuo: It really is the year of the interim coach. Expect Britain to play inspired ball over the next few weeks for this s… 09:54:58, 2022-10-20 RT @jbouie: we're just not that removed from the past 21:39:42, 2022-10-20

Twitter posts for 2022-10-19

RT @mtsw: Padres Twitter: "drinking an IPA! Go Padres!" Phillies Twitter: [mentally calculating whether they'd make bail in… 12:36:14, 2022-10-19 a good thread. 12:53:24, 2022-10-19 that is cool 14:10:01, 2022-10-19 RT @DanJohnsonNews: Conservative MP Charles Walker seems broken by tonight's events – tells @BBCNews he is livid with colleagues 16:35:30, 2022-10-19 […]

Twitter posts for 2022-10-18

RT @Esqueer_: It went from "we're just concerned about women's sports" to "we want to ban all drag shows" in less than a year. De… 17:52:13, 2022-10-18