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Herricks 1995 reunion.. that was fun

Last night, I went to my Herricks class of 1995 10th year high school reunion . i was really fun to go. It was cool to see how every one is happy. I have to admit that i was a little overwhelmed and weirded out by the whole experience. My whole neurotic social phobic / awkwardness kicked in really fast. Felt uncomfortable and all. I think after some liquid encouragment .. i actually felt more relaxed. After I broke out of my shell, I finally was able to talk to my old classmates. Everybody was really cool. In many ways, i wish i was less of a introverted , close minded as a person . BTW, forbidden city is great place for ppl to go in lower east side. great tunes were played last night.. hopefully this time tomorrow. i will setup gallery for all the alums to put up images of the reunion.

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