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in office after snowacalpyse…

See the full gallery on posterous   I have some pics from snowacaplypse / work today. Can’t believe i made it. I think these images show i made the stupid move of making it to work. Posted via email from alex chan’s posterous

GRL demo

I went to a lecture / demo of the graphitti research lab. It Pratt Institute’s DAL and DDA . It was really cool. I took some pics on my cell phone of the demo .

finally some free time

for the past few months, I have been doing a lot of work. I was trying to write a custom CMS for Pratt Institute website.  It was quite the expericene. i learned a lot … of course there were mistakes made.. i think might just do some post postmortem on the whole project.

thinking about work

Currently, I work at Pratt Institute. I am right now creating a new cms system for their new website . It is essentially be a basic cms system for multiple users. Only added wrinkle is that I adding a editing feature . This is all nice and cool. However, when this project is done I […]