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thinking about work

Currently, I work at Pratt Institute. I am right now creating a new cms system for their new website . It is essentially be a basic cms system for multiple users. Only added wrinkle is that I adding a editing feature . This is all nice and cool. However, when this project is done I would like to do something more for the “Pratt” community.

I guess want to create nice web apps in the “web 2.0” style that can be used by the whole community. I need to think about how the tools should look like. I think these tools should be very simple and flexible. I think this would my apps to be used the most. I heard dan bricklin on gillmor gang show talking about applications that become popular. He was saying that spreadsheet became popular was because it was pliable to different functions and users. I need to keep in mind that the audience i am developing for . At pratt, mostly artists and academics will be using it . I would have to make the functionality based around this fact.

who knows..